This fruit calls the renewal of liver going to 20 years younger

This fruit calls the renewal of liver going to 20 years younger


Human liver is renewal organ that has the ability to get regrown on its own. But in case if it is hurt or if there is certain disease it can hurt the entire body.

Fatty liver is one of the most aggressive diseases, and most patients when get diagnosed with this medical issue believe that they are going to die. But that is not true, as there is efficient natural ways that completely can remove the fat accumulated in the liver.

Experts explain that the disease of fat accumulation is not caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, but it is rather related to overweight. Most patients do not experience any symptoms or health problems.

Nature offers us various fruits that possess medicinal properties and can be cure for different ailments. You can eat the fruit, prepare fresh juice and thus cure any disease on completely natural way.

Tamarind fruit is remarkable natural product that has the ability to remove the fat from human liver. The fruit as well as the leaves and peel from the tree are an infusion that can heal any liver problem. Scientists explain that tamarind is purifying, helps digestion, it is high in fibers and instituted acids, protects the liver, bile cures problems, lowers high cholesterol levels and thus removes the fat from the liver


In 1 liter of water put two handfuls of peeled tamarind. Then, blend well until you get even substance and strain. For better taste you can sweeten with honey. Prepare this juice and drink on daily basis.

To prepare infusion you will need 25 tamarind leaves washed well. Put the leaves to boil in 1 liter of water and once it start to boil leave it rest for 30 minutes. To improve the taste you can sweeten with honey or brown sugar, although it is advisable to drink it unsweetened.

Cut a tree shells and do the same with the leaves, add a little cinnamon and consume the infusion two times a day, in the morning and before going to bed. Very soon the fat accumulated in your liver will be completely removed and you will feel much better.