These signs indicate that you suffer from anemia that destroys your immunity...

These signs indicate that you suffer from anemia that destroys your immunity and Leads to infertility, leukemia, and slow and painful death? You have been warned!


The additional tests and therapies for treating anemia that is the result of lack of iron are sometimes necessary, especially if your doctor thinks that you have internal bleeding. When the body lacks iron which is supposed to carry hemoglobin, the red blood cells cannot send oxygen-rich blood to all tissues in the body and this leads to numerous unwanted effects. Find out how to avoid this!

All people can experience anemia caused by lack of iron, but not all of them are prone to diseases. The groups of people that are at the greatest risk include vegetarians and vegans, as red meat is a great source of iron, voluntary blood donors, as well as women which are more prone to anemia than men.

About 3 percent of men have problems with anemia, but this is a small percentage compared to the 20 percent of women and 50 percent of pregnant women. Anemia leads to lack of oxygen in the body cells. There are various factors that can affect the seriousness of the symptoms, starting from the mild ones, including tiredness, to the more extreme ones.

Frequent infections

In case you have wounds that take a lot of time to heal or wounds that get infected frequently, it is possible that you suffer from low levels of hemoglobin and you should raise the levels of iron in your blood.

Weak, brittle nails

Your nails can be a great indicator of lack of iron in your body. If you suffer from problems of brittle nails and weak hair, you might be suffering from lack of iron.

Feeling of tiredness and weakness

If you sleep more than usually, and you still feel tired or you feel weakness in your muscles for a long time, you probably need more iron.

Headaches, vertigoes, and dizziness when you stand up

When we stand up, the flow of oxygen to the brain is interrupted, and this is actually the reason that causes headache or vertigo, and it can also lead to unconsciousness.

Shortness of breath

A simple stair climbing can lead to irregular breathing, so that you would probably want to start doing some cardio exercises.

Accelerated work of the heart

The accelerated work of the heart is frequently linked to anemia and lack of oxygen. It is very likely that you will experience accelerated heart beats.

Unusual and odd cravings

The body develops some sort of cravings when it faces some insufficiencies. Usually, it craves sugar, but, sometimes there is a wish for weird things that are not even edible, like chalk or soil for example.

Restless legs syndrome

This is actually a serious condition, and if you feel those unpleasant jerks in your legs that simply won’t stop, now you know what the reason behind this is.

Pain in the chest

This is a sign that should never be ignored. This sign does not only indicate that you suffer from anemia and lack of iron, but it can also be a symptom of a heart attack. If you have this symptom, you should consult your doctor as soon as you can.

Cold hands and feet

The circulation problems affect your hands and feet and cause them to be constantly cold, and your nails bruised. You should take in more iron, instead of put on more clothes.

What should you do?

Eat healthy food and take in beneficial ingredients. You should consume more meat, eggs, fish, and green leafy vegetables, grains enriched in iron, bread, and milk. This way, you will improve your health. You can also use supplements, but before you start anything like this, consult your doctor first.