The top 10 worst teeth-brushing mistakes that make our teeth decay and...

The top 10 worst teeth-brushing mistakes that make our teeth decay and decompose


Take a look at these important habits you need to learn and practice when you brush  your teeth!

1. Always keep your toothbrush covered

The hygiene should always come first! It is very important for you to follow these advices so that you maintain your oral hygiene successfully. Always cover your toothbrush when you do not use it!

2. Gums

Do not forget to wash your gums when you wash your teeth, as they are as important as your teeth!

3. Tongue

Also, do not forget to brush your tongue so that you avoid bad breath! You can use the back side of the toothbrush to this end.

4. Use soft toothbrushes

Always opt for soft toothbrushes, as they are the best ones. The hard toothbrushes can damage your gums and your enamel.

5. Dental floss

Always remember that teeth-brushing is not enough and that it is much more important that you use dental floss.

6. Separate your teeth

Each of your teeth is separate and this is why you need to pay equal attention to each part when you brush your teeth.

7. Dietary habits

Do not eat right after you have washed your teeth!

8. Teeth-brushing habits

Analogously, do not wash your teeth right after you have eaten!

9. Holding of the toothbrush

Hold the toothbrush properly between the index finger and the thumb. Do not apply pressure with the entire hand.

10. Approved toothbrushes

Always use approved toothbrushes!